Power Distribution


An essential part to any production, we offer a wide range of power distribution from 63A 3-Phase to 13A.



63A 3P Distro (3X 32A 1P, 6X 16A 1P)

63A 1P Distro (2X 32A 1P, 4X 16A 1P)

5M 63A 3P Cable

10M 63A 3P Cable

25M 63A 3P Cable


32A 1P Distro (4X 16A 1P, 1X 32A Thru)

5M 32A 1P Cable HO7 6mm

10M 32A 1P Cable HO7 6mm

20M 32A 1P Cable HO7 6mm


16A 1P Splitter Box (4X 16A 1P, 1X 16A Thru)

16A 1P 1-2 Adaptor

2M 16A 1P Cable HO7 2.5mm

5M 16A 1P Cable HO7 2.5mm

10M 16A 1P Cable HO7 2.5mm

20M 16A 1P Cable HO7 2.5mm

16A – 2-Way 13A Sockets

16A – IEC


13A 4-Way  2M/5M/10M

13A 2-Way  2M/5M/10M


Cable Protection

Showtec 2-Channel 1M Cable Ramp (Work load: 6T)