Live Music Packages

All of our live music PA packages have the same thing in common. Great quality speakers, mixing consoles, and industry standard microphones.

Simply choose the baseline PA system and add any of the microphones from our stock list.

Live Music Package 1

Great for acoustic acts that require simple, good quality sound reinforcement.

Band PA 1


Monitors: N/A

Control: Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK


Live Music Package 2

Same equipment as our first package, but with add monitor speakers.

Band PA 2


Monitors: 2X QSC K10

Control: Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK


Live Music Package 3

Our most popular package for Bands. Great for small and medium size venues.

Band PA 3

FOH: 2X QSC K12, 2X QSC KW181

Monitors: 4X QSC K10

Control: Behringer X32 Digital Console with 32ch Stagebox

INC. Sound engineer for 10HRS


Live Music Package 4

Featuring our QSC 6KW FOH, this package is perfect for small festivals.

Fest PA Small

FOH: 2X QSC KW153, 4X QSC KW181

Monitors: 6X QSC K10

Control: Behringer X32 Digital Console with 32ch Stagebox

INC. Sound engineer and sound assistant/stage manager for 10HRS.


Microphone Stock

Choose from our list of microphones to suit your technical requirements. If you’re not sure what to pick, send over your band specification and we will do the rest! All stands and cabling are included for the appropriate microphones.

Band PA 1 & 2 (Up to 6 microphones / DIs)

Band PA 3 & 4 (Up to 24 microphones / DIs)

Vocal Microphones

Shure SM58

Shure Beta58A

Instrument Microphones

Shure SM57

Sennheiser E906

AKG C430

AKG C1000S

AKG D112

Sennheiser E604


Shure Beta91

DI Boxes

Klark-Teknik DN100

Samson Mono DI

Samson Dual DI

Larger PA Systems

Looking for a bigger system? Get in contact for a tailored quotation.

Fest PA Large


We can provide full PA systems for festivals, concerts, tours, one-off shows, etc. Get in contact for a full quotation.


Add a KAM Party Bar to your package for a simple and effective lighting solution.


Packages 1 & 2: Add for just £10/each.

Packages 3 & 4: Two lighting bars included for FREE upon request.

Pop-up Tent

Keep yourself dry with our Dancover 4X4M gazebo, available with waterproof sides. We can setup the PA system within the tent for an all-in-one solution.


Add for £45


All the packages include free delivery with OX12, and competitive delivery costs to the surrounding areas including Oxford, Newbury, Reading, and Swindon . For more information on our service area click here.

Sound Engineer Hire



Our live event page has lots of info about our production services, including sound engineer hire.


We will arrange a collection time convenient for you. If you require the PA system for longer- not a problem! Just give us a ring and we can extend your booking.