Lighting Hire


JT Stage Productions offer a good selection of lighting and accessories from moving heads to generic lanterns and dimming. We are able to source a wide range of lighting from our preferred suppliers if you can’t find what you are looking for.


Moving Head / Scanners

Martin MAC250 Wash

Martin MAC250+

Martin Wizard Extreme

JB Systems “The Winner” Scanner

Effect Lighting & Atmospherics

Laserworld CS1000RGB

1500W DMX Strobe

Showtec Sunstrip 750W Blinder

Chauvet AmHaze DMX Hazer

Martin Magnum 650 Smoke Machine

Chauvet Geyser P7 Vertical Smoke Machine

Generic Lanterns 


Strand Cantata Profile (15A)

Strand Quartet Fresnel/PC (15A)

3-Cell Coda (15A)

PAR 64 1KW (16A)

LED Lighting


Black LED Floor Par Can



Zero88 Betapack II DMX/Analogue (63/32A)

Soundlab 4CH DMX Dimmer (13A)

DMX Control

Chamsys MQ40N

Zero88 Leapfrog 96

Stairville DMX-Master MK II

Chamsys USB DMX Dongle W/Touchscreen Laptop

Lighting Stand Hire

Industry standard Powerdrive stands are available in a variety of formats.


Powerdrive T-Bar

Ideal for smaller rigs. Weight Limit = 30kg

Truss Gantry

Truss stand1

Create a great truss gantry with this entry set. Weight Limit = 60kg

Truss Gantry Wind-up

truss stand windup

Great for larger rigs and our professional moving heads that require increased weight limit. Weight Limit = 120kg.