Lighting Hire


JT Stage Productions offer a good selection of lighting and accessories from moving heads to generic lanterns and dimming. We are able to source a wide range of lighting from our preferred suppliers if you can’t find what you are looking for.


Moving Head / Scanners


Martin MAC250+

Martin Wizard Extreme

JB Systems “The Winner” Scanner

Effect Lighting


Laserworld CS1000RGB

1500W DMX Strobe

Showtec Sunstrip 750W Blinder

Smoke Machine 650W

Chauvet AMHAZE Whsiper Haze Machine

Generic Lanterns 


Source 4 Junior 25/50

Strand Quartet Fresnel/PC

Selecon Acclaim Zoom Profile

3-Cell Coda

PAR 56 300W

LED Lighting


Black LED Floor Par Can



Zero88 Betapack II DMX/Analogue (32A)

Soundlab 4CH DMX Dimmer (13A)

DMX Control


Chamsys MQ40

Zero88 Leapfrog 96

Stairville DMX-Master MK II

USB DMX Dongle W/Touchscreen Laptop

Lighting Stand Hire

Industry standard Powerdrive stands are available in a variety of formats.


Powerdrive T-Bar

Ideal for smaller rigs. Weight Limit = 30kg

Truss Gantry

Truss stand1

Create a great truss gantry with this entry set. Weight Limit = 60kg

Truss Gantry Wind-up

truss stand windup

Great for larger rigs and our professional moving heads that require increased weight limit. Weight Limit = 120kg.